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Premium Turbines


Sable high speed dental turbines provide you with the highest quality precision balanced long life turbine at the lowest price. Step up to the superior Sable turbine today.

  • Superior Warranty. All turbines carry a 12/6 month Manufacturers Warranty. (12 months on spindle impeller, 6 months on bearings)
  • Superior balancing. Unlike typical generic turbines, Sable ensures silky smooth vibration-free operation with electronic high-speed balancing.
  • Superior concentricity. Sable spindle concentricity is .0002" minimizing vibration and wear associated with wobble caused by bur eccentricity.
  • Superior gripping force. Chucks are designed to resist nearly 9 lbs of pull ensuring your burs will not slip.
  • Superior Spindle design. Spindles are welded and case hardened to last up to 30 months. Unlike OEM spindles, these are designed to be rebuilt enabling you to save even more on maintenance costs.
  • Easy push button operation.
  • Barden Super Precision Dental Bearings (meet ABEC 9P/ISO P2 Running Tolerances) for long life and very quiet operation.
  • Designed and manufactured for Superior-life, Superior torque, and to resist the negative effects of autoclaving.
  • Superior performance designed to be transparent, with quality that meets or exceeds your OEM turbine.
  • Economically priced to save you money over the life of your handpieces.
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 7785-1 Handpiece Standard.





All Sable Turbines carry a 12 month warranty on the spindle and impeller assemblies. This warranty covers mechanical performance, gripping force, rotor concentricity, and balance. Bearings carry a 6-month warranty.

The Handpiece Surgeon accepts all major credit cards, checks and cash.

Thank you for your time. We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

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Autochuck Turbines 12 month Warranty (6-month warranty on bearings)

Bien Air

 Bien Air Black Pearl$200.00

 Bien Air Bora$200.00


 Bien Air Odine




 KaVo 642/643/632PB$200.00

 KaVo 640/630/625C$200.00

 KaVo 635 B$210.00

 KaVo 647/649 B$210.00

 KaVo 650$227.00

 KaVo 6000B$227.00


 Midwest Quiet Air Push Button Turbine$189.00

Midwest Tradition Push Button Turbine$189.00

 Midwest Stylus Push Button Turbine$189.00

 Midwest XGT Push Button Turbine$189.00


MK-dent small head (Also fits Vector small head)$210.00

MK-dent large head single spray (Also fits Vector large head single spray)$210.00

MK-dent large head triple spray (Also fits Vector large head triple spray)$210.00


Sirona T1 Control$227.00

Sirona T2 Control$227.00


 Star 430 Push Button Lube type.$200.00


 W&H a dec 898, 195, 198 Topair $200.00

 W&H a dec 896, 196 Topair $200.00

 W&H 300 series Large, Sabra $200.00

 W&H a dec Synea TA-96 $200.00

 W&H a dec Synea TA-98  $200.00

Push Button Conversion Kits


 KaVo Contact Air Bella Torque 632, 642, 633, 634, 639, 643$243.00

 KaVo Super Torque 640$243.00


 Midwest Quiet Air Push Button Conversion - Turbine w/Back Cap$238.00

 Midwest Tradition Push Button Conversion - Turbine w/Back Cap$238.00


 Star 430 Push Button Lube Type Turbine$238.00


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