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About Us

The Handpiece Surgeon was founded in 2003 as a dental handpiece repair business based in Redwood City CA. We specialize in fast turn around, high quality handpiece repairs with sound warranties and exemplary customer service. Our focus is to reduce our clients repair costs while minimizing service related issues with their handpieces.

By 2005 we had expanded our business to include electric handpieces and surgical instruments. Our new website gave us an Internet presence for the first time, and allowed us to expand our services to dental professionals across North America and as far away as Osaka Japan by providing a mail-in service with free pick-up and delivery in the 48 contiguous states.

In 2007 The Handpiece Surgeon became a member of the Better Business Bureau providing potential clients with the confidence they will be dealing with a sound competent business. The Handpiece Surgeon also began offering an affordable program with high quality training materials and individualized hands-on instruction for independent business minded people interested in starting a handpiece repair business.

Today The Handpiece Surgeon remains a family owned and operated small business competing with handpiece manufactures, local, regional and national repair facilities for the repair and sales of all types of pneumatic and electric dental handpieces. We provide high quality cost effective products and services. We work closely with clients in their office or on the phone to locate and eliminate problems in the clinic. Finally we utilize computerized tracking of part suppliers, individual part serial numbers, and warranty information related to handpieces we sell or repair.